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Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how people discover their passion areas and make the decision to move forward: to take the risk.

I work with (have worked with) a lot--and by a lot, I mean A LOT--of college students over the years. I've volunteered with several youth programs including Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Girl Scouts. I've listened to so many stories of big ideas and hope and figuring out life. I've been a part of that decision making process on several occasions. And, as I have been thinking about how to discover a passion area, I've realized that the number one thing holding people back is fear.

It certainly was *cough*cough* is *cough*cough* for me.

It is incredibly scary to take a leap of faith and follow through with a plan. It's scary to take a risk without knowing the outcome. It's scary to feel like you don't have all the right answers and no one is telling you what the right answer is. In fact, it is downright terrifying.

It's like being at the top of a very high ledge with a rope hanging before us waiting to be swung on. It's too easy to look down and say, "Whelp, it was nice knowing you, but I don't think I'm going to take that plunge. Where are the stairs again?" Too often, we shy away from the hard thing, the thing we most want because we're afraid of the impact that decision might have on... I'll let you fill in the blank.


There are really only two options for when we reach the top of that ledge with the rope: (1) take the stairs or (2) take the rope.

I've been trying to take the latter.

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