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Let the Horror Begin...AHS

I had a conversation today with an incoming student about American Horror Story (AHS). It was AMAZING (emphasis on amazing, of course). Can you believe that he had never watched the first season? I know, right! That’s the best one. It is the one that started it all. That got us discussing which seasons we thought were the best and our theories about what the next season is about to explore. Essentially, here are the quick, easy facts (in rank order) about which seasons are the best and why.

5- Asylum

I know. A lot of people LOVE asylum. But I just can’t. After the best season of the show, AHS Asylum seemed too messy without enough threads to tie the divergent plot lines together. Too many loose ends were left unfinished. The mixture of the aliens, Frankenstein style zombie creatures, and demonic possessions just didn’t mesh well together. It was worthy of being in an asylum.


Although Coven had some great moment woven into it, the overall plot was a tad weak. The witches fighting against the queens of voodoo was interesting and brought into question the racial tensions between White/Black culture in America. The fight for the witches to find, develop their skills, and protect themselves was entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, there were too many episodes that lacked mystery, intrigue, or action. Still a great season.

3-Freak Show

Strong plot line and acting. The ‘oddities’ in the freak show were based on real circus workers, which made me want to research what it was like being in the circus at that time. I thought this season also had a great social commentary when it comes to discriminating against people who are ‘different.’ Well done, AHS. Well done. Plus, Twisty.


Vampires. Need I say more? Add to that the interesting mix of the serial killer and the ghosts trapped in the hotel, this season did a great nod to the first season.

1-The Original American Horror Story

The first season was by far the best. It left you wondering what was really happening, had several plot twists that not many saw coming, and did a great job weaving the disparate plot lines together. And Tate. He was one of the most interesting characters in the all 5 seasons.

I look forward to season 6 continuing this trend and hopefully bridging all 6 seasons together!

What do you think? Which was your favorite AHS season?

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