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From the ashes, a new queen will rise.

A traitor is among their ranks and Layla must figure out who it is before more people go missing. She suspects the newcomer and only human, Kali, of being the spy. But, when Kali saves her life and helps her rescue Max, she doesn't know what to believe. Taking action against Kali could lose her a friend, but trusting her could cost her everything.

Riots rage across the kingdom, threatening to tear apart the very country Layla desperately wants to protect. The dark truth of King Renard's reign haunts her and only war can set her people free.


Coming September 14, 2020

Coming Soon--Release Date TBA

Thirty women. Three competitions. One prince. 

Dara Vespers has everything she wants in life. A shop to run. Sisters she loves. And, an abundance of books to read. But, when her fathers gambles away their family fortune and the only way out is to compete in the Claiming Ceremony, Dara must do everything she can to keep her sisters safe. Even if it means giving up her freedom by becoming a prince's eternal mate.

The men serving as the Claimers are more than she bargained for and Dara finds herself torn between them and the life she left behind. But, the longer she remains in the competition, the darker and more insidious the challenges get. Will she survive until the end?

The Dark Claiming is the first book of a new universe featuring dark fae, royal courts, and romance.

Defeating the world's largest, most well-funded army. That's all it takes.

Now that Layla knows who betrayed them, she's committed to seeking her revenge. She trusted her. Thought she was a friend. Only to find out she'd been played. And, to make matters worse, in order to stop the illegal testing of magical creatures, she has to take out King Renard.

The problem: she will have to face the technological, magically enhanced, overwhelming forces of his army. Should be easy, right?

Layla soon discovers a secret so devastating, it will rock her entire world. She's determined as ever to make Mitier a better place for every magical, but the cost of saving them may be too great.

Releasing October 19, 2020


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