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You Know Nothing...Jon Snow


Does anyone really know anything, or is it all a matter of perception?

Jon Snow died. And rose again through the power of the Lord of Light. His watch has ended and he is about to make a big splash in Westeros. Because, it has become fairly obvious that George R.R. Martin (or at least the writers of the show) are going to make Jon Snow a Targaryen.

Not the bastard son of Ned Stark and some unknown woman.

Perhaps this is why Ned was so reticent to discuss the mother of his child. Not because Catelyn despised Jon as a symbol of the Ned's lack of loyalty to her but because he simply felt uncomfortable lying to everyone he knew about the birthright of his nephew. After all, if Robert Baratheon had known that Jon was the son of his beloved Lyanna and Rhaegar, Jon would probably already be dead. And by the hands of The Stag.

The reason question here is: will the show include a third Targaryen candidate? It seems clear through Martin's symbolism and foreshadowing that the dragons-the Targaryen bloodline-will be the salvation of Westeros. Dragonsteel is lethal to White Walkers. Obsidian, forged from the fire of dragons, destroys White Walkers. The three dragons that Daenerys hatches when she attempts to sacrifice herself at Khal Drogo's funeral represent not just the survival of the Targaryens but also the survival of all of Westeros.

But who is the third Targaryen (if we can assume that Jon Snow is one of them)? What will happen in the episodes to come? Will Griff appear?

What do you think?

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