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Everyone has powers...

When I was little kid, I dreamed of having superpowers. The ability to control time. The weather. Move objects with my mind. I always wondered what it would be like to have the ability to save the world. To make a difference in the lives of others. And, with the onslaught of new Marvel and X-Men films that have been having major success recently, the desire to use my talents and strengths has once again rose to the surface.

But, here's the thing.

Superheros were designed to show us that our different talents and abilities can be incredible when used in collaboration. When strengthened. When used to create our brand.

Think about it. What are superheros known for? Their superpower becomes their brand. Ororo Monroe becomes known as Storm. Steve Rodgers becomes known as Captain America. Peter Parker is Spiderman. Their powers are what they're known for and how they gain notoriety.

We can do the same.

Each of us has different and distinct strengths that we have to learn how to own. It's a similar process to what superheros have to go through. Discover what we're good at. Spend a lot of time understanding and owning our strengths.

But, just like with superpowers, we sometimes have the perception that our strengths-our power-is not as good as someone else's. We admire other people's ability to do X and downplay our ability to do Y.

This is exactly what we need to stop.

Everyone has strengths that need to be cultivated. These strengths may take shape in different ways. These strengths may be hidden. But they are there and we need to find them. Learn all the different facets of them. And then use them to our advantage.

And, now that you know what your skills are, work towards developing yourself. Develop a brand for yourself, just like superheros do. Be arrogant and brilliant like Tony Stark/Iron Man. Be loyal and sensitive like Cyclops. Be rules oriented and justice seeking like Captain America. Develop your brand around your strengths and become known for something.

Be your own superhero.

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