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The Search Signed Paperback

The Search Signed Paperback


The Search for meaning after loss is the greatest struggle of all.

Small-town girl Lilly Sterling thought she had it all: popularity,
friends, love. But when everything in her world was shattered in a
single blow, she plummeted into a downward spiral that seems to go on
forever. Her boyfriend is gone; her mother is gone; her younger sister
is lost in her own problems; and her father is drowning his problems
in drink.

So when someone new enters Lilly's life, she finds herself caught
between her present and her past. But the whispers of her past aren't
stopping, in fact, they're getting louder.

This coming-of-age tale about love, loss, and redemption follows
seventeen-year-old Lilly as she struggles to find herself in a search
for meaning. Journey with her as she lives through the everyday—and
the not-so-everyday—struggles of growing up.


    5.5 X 8.5


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