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Spellbreaker Signed Paperback

Spellbreaker Signed Paperback


For cursed witch Nadine, there are only two options left: break the curse or die. But either way, she may lose the one thing she cares about most: her freedom.

Nadine Sherwood is the last in her bloodline bound by a terrible curse. Unable to leave her family’s estate for longer than three days without triggering her death, she’s been forced into servitude by her stepmother.

Her one hope is breaking the curse that separates her from the prince she loves. But when she’s sucked into a realm governed by a mysterious witch, everything she knows about herself is called into question.

Breaking the curse will free her, but keeping it is the only way to save the people she loves.

Fans of Lucy Tempest & M. Lynn won’t be able to get enough of this fairy tale retelling.


    5.5 X 8.5


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