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Spade Signed Paperback

Spade Signed Paperback


Being the luckiest woman alive is proving to be the unluckiest fate. As a naturally augmented human, Amber Alcott escaped a dying Earth and landed on the planet of Thoth by manipulating quantum probability to her own benefit. A move that landed her in a dangerous job: working for the soul-sucking crime lord of the Underworld. But when Amber’s assigned to seal the deal between two rival gambling syndicates, she discovers that manipulating the odds in her employer’s favor will only send the deal awry. Now she must find a way to salvage the negotiation before a war between the elite gambling syndicates sets Thoth ablaze.The death toll is rising, and the clock is ticking. Fans of Richard K Morgan, John Scalzi, and David Weber will love this science-fiction crime thriller. 


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