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Pre-Order Royal by Blood Signed Paperback

Pre-Order Royal by Blood Signed Paperback


EXPECTED Delivery: October 2020


A lost princess. A tyrant king. A battle for justice. 

Twenty years ago, the human king betrayed the fae royal family and sent an assassin to kill them. Since then, the fae have lived impoverished and in squalor. But, when rumors spread that the princess may still be alive, a new hope rises.

Raised in the slums of Estrellala, Layla Dione has learned to fend for herself. Orphaned by the fights and insurrection following the assassination of the fae royal family, she has learned to only rely on herself and her Personal Electronic Assistant, or PEA, AKA Penny.

When the king sends his soldiers to find the missing princess, her life is thrust into chaos. The more she discovers about her past, the more questions she has....and unlocking her family's secrets may cost her the one friend she values most.

Fans of Kiera Cass, Cordelia K Castel, and Veronica Roth will love this fairytale retelling packed with action and romance.

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