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Kilian Signed Paperback

Kilian Signed Paperback


The Creators take what is theirs and give only to the deserving. They alone decide who is blessed with the magic of the Light or who is doomed to live their days in darkness.


Since the creation, they have sought out the bravest, strongest, and most intelligent among men in order to discover the Light's Hero. For centuries, legends of the Hero have passed from one Keeper of the Prophecies to the next. Some say that hero has come. Kilian Clearwater thought he was nothing more than the son of a poor farmer. But, when his father inexplicably dies and a lone pirate wanders onto the family farm a year later, Kilian is faced with the secrets of his father's past.


In a world wrought with intrigue and magical plots, the only way for Kilian to discover the answers he so desperately seeks is to gain favor with the Creators. Plunged into a magical world Kilian barely understands, he must travel beyond the Forgotten Isles and defeat the greatest foes known to all of Mitier: the Shadow Knights. Does Kilian have what it takes to be the Hero?


    5.5 X 8.5 Inches

    440 pages

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