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Destroyers of the Light Signed Paperback

Destroyers of the Light Signed Paperback


Amaleah narrowly escaped her father's court--but at a cost. With the harrowing actions of the mad king still haunting her, she must discover the depth of her power, learn to control her abilities, and fight to save her people before it's too late. She may be the key to saving the world from the darkness creeping across the land, but only if she can decide for herself where her heart truly lies.

Colin Stormbearer has one wish: to reclaim the Szarmian throne. Doing so may cost him everything. But, if he can learn to trust himself, he may just be able to do what his father always believed he could: become the leader he was meant to be.

War is once again building in Mitier. As the darkness of the past intertwines with the present, Amaleah and Colin must navigate the politics, passions, and plots against them to save their kingdoms--and themselves. Their stories continue in this action-packed sequel to the Broken Prophecies series.


    5.5 X 8.5

    407 pages

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