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From the ashes, a new queen will rise.

A traitor is among their ranks and Layla must figure out who it is before more people go missing. She suspects the newcomer and only human, Kali, of being the spy. But, when Kali saves her life and helps her rescue Max, she doesn't know what to believe. Taking action against Kali could lose her a friend, but trusting her could cost her everything.

Riots rage across the kingdom, threatening to tear apart the very country Layla desperately wants to protect. The dark truth of King Renard's reign haunts her and only war can set her people free.


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Layla is the lost queen, but does she have the strength to rule?

Having narrowly escaped being captured, Layla must embark on a journey to discover the remnants of the lost fae court. Doing so could provide her the support she needs to secure her place as queen. But, with King Renard seemingly two steps ahead of her at every turn, she doesn't know who to trust.

The more time she spends with Max, the more she's torn between forging her own path as a ruler and falling in love.

A spy has infiltrated her ranks and if she can't discover their identity soon, her friends may have to pay the price.

"Not all heroes were meant to save the world."
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